Speaker Biography

Dr. Manjunath VAJRAMATTI


Title: Predictive attention and memory



My son is named NAMAN. Started his first convulsion in the age of 3. Convulsions were in the intervals of every 15-20 days lasting for 4-5minutes. Started the treatment and kept on LEVIPIL 250 BID, and Sodium Valproic acid 300mg HS. There were no convulsions noted Age 3rd to Age 13. The dosage kept till today was the same aforementioned dosage. Existing problems: 1) Less schoolatrics.---early morning when he wakes up, he wants me to assist him, I mean I need to talk with him meanwhile he does all his morning works by his own but I need to talk with him. Now a days he is developing his interest towords school. Started writing slowly, but interest lasts for 10minutes, (2)Childish talks and behaviors-being at the age 13 years, pronunciation and the voice is like a child (3)Attention deficit Attention stays for 5-10 minutes, and wants to change the routine after some minutes of concentration. (4)Pinching and lip biting started when he was at the age of 4, and still continues to do so. He wants me to sleep beside him while sleeping pinching my arm simultaneously bites his lip, Pinching my arm and lip biting lasts until he gets sleep. (5)Interesting matter of his life was - he started speaking and understanding HINDI LANGUAGE by watching TV by his own although our mother tongue is KANNADA. He learnt riding bicycle by his own, and rides a motor bike for a short distance. EEG still observes epileptic waves. As we being parents not a single dose of medicine was missed till today. We make sure that one takes the required tablets regularly. When I heard and read about the Epilepsy conference, I thought it would be the best chance to seek attention of all eminent neurologist present here in this conference.