Speaker Biography

Dr. Bassam Alqassami

Neurovascular Interventionist, Saudi Arabia

Title: Endovascular Management of vascular Epilepsy disorder

Dr. Bassam Alqassami


Up to 30% of patients with cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM) present with seizure as first presentation. Complete seizure remission is achieved in 70% of those patients with AVM who underwent successful endovascular occlusion of AVM. However, high complication rate limits endovascular management in non-ruptured AVM. Other non-vascular epileptogenic pathologies can be treated endovascularly, as well, some endovascular procedures can be an effective alternate for epilepsy surgery, such as balloon occlusion hemispherectomy.

One center experience, literature review for outcome of different procedures to treat epilepsy endovascularly, and discussion of ARUBA trial results vs real life practice.

Endovascular Management is an effective method to treat intractable seizure in general and vascular seizures in specific. Endovascular management can replace epilepsy surgery  in different lesional epilepsy pathologies.