Speaker Biography

Mr. Sylvain Haba

The Center of Conakry, Guinea.

Title: Risk Factors Associated with Severity of Nongenetic Intellectual Disability (Mental Retardation) among Children Aged 2–18 Years Attending Kenyatta National Hospital

Mr. Sylvain Haba

Sylvain Haba was born on the seventh of October 1963 in Kpoulo (Region N'Zerekore). He obtained his bachelor's degree in 1984, then completed his orientation with school nurses. After that, he began his internship in a medical post at the prefecture of Sèbètèrè Gaoual where he underwent a distance training on medical semiology. In 1998, he admitted the public service test and later training in traditional medicine in DR Congo for his return Guinea led in 2006 to the establishment of the Center Medico-Spiritual Tradi koumi Talitha (Marc5: 41-42) To (Labe) Guinea 2008 and transferred to the center of Conakry.


Epilepsy is a neurological disease characterized by abnormal functioning of brain activity. This results in the repetition of unexpected and often very brief crises. These attacks can take many forms and vary in intensity. This long disease considered as composed of demons. - The devil of the water (it kills the patient in the water in the crisis) - The devil's fire (he kills the patient in the fire during the crisis) - The devil at the top of the palms and the legs The victims climbs on the palm trees or Choosing oranges or mangoes) Thanks to modern medicine, it has been defined. The causes are usually malaria, meningitis, syphilis, HIV and others. It is treated with a vegetable and animal origin.

Maceration composed of three (3) plants: 1) Newbouldia Leavis. F: 10g Bignoniacée 2) Akeben 5g 3) 5g Balanbiline All packed in a container placed diluted with one liter of water per day for four days during these 60 days with control elements check. Decoction made: 1) Raphiostilis benénien icacinacé 10g 2) V.canne 10g 3) Nauclea latifolia rubiaccé 2g 4) Koyalakele (10g of root) All boiled with the viscera of a wild animal. After the control, he recommended that the patient drink 3 to 5 liters of decoction in the interval of one hour (1), which causes vomiting and causes diarrhea, but effective against convulsions. Nasal strain: 1) Microglossa pyrifolia 1g leaf 2) Citrus Medica fruit juice 1ml 3) Oecophylla smaragdina F: Formicidae (yellow ant 20) 6 nasal costs and deposit 3 times a day for 3 days for a period of three weeks In the case of small epilepsy.

An ant nest containing ants, larvae, crushed eggs, roasted, mixed with seed oil Elaeis guineensis (palmaceae) preserved in the form of pasta and stored in a snail shell

The dosage is a pinch of dough on the tongue and two foreheads pinched 3 times a day after meals.
Recent research has shown that the bile of the fish called captain (lethrinus, fish of the family Lethrinidae) was to be used by nose drop of a drop in each nostril at bedtime for a week, according to many fisherman healers this substance Helps effectively against dizziness, convulsions.
The prohibition of the recipe:
The hoax for research; The pan used to grill ants, larvae, eggs and nest must not touch the ground and even the wooden spoon; These instruments were placed on a chair in the ceiling of his house to this is added a small poison of fresh water called gbongo in Guerzé (language of my ethnic origin)